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The Quilt Diaries - My Heroes Wear a Mask

It’s been a really rough time for all of us. How are you all coping? Are you doing okay right now? I hope that you and your loved ones are well and that you all have what you need right now, safe at home. I know that not everyone can hunker down at home and there are a lot of health care workers and essential workers out there keeping things going for us all. Their amazing work inspired this week’s Quilt Diaries entry. 

This damn virus has touched all of our lives in some way or another. It’s caused pretty much all of us to pivot in some way right now. Many members of my own family have pivoted and are involved in support efforts to deal with COVID 19 right now in my community and state. My husband’s work team is tracking the virus data for our state government. My daughter’s boyfriend is an essential worker at a local grocery store. The manufacturing company my nephew works for is converting from making auto tarps to ventilators. My brother is authoring numerous bulletins as a safety risk professional for his client companies. 

Perhaps the ones most impacted are my niece, an ER Phlebotomist at one of our city hospitals and her mother is a NICU case manager may be pulled bedside to tend to patients. Inspired by them, I’m sewing fabric masks as much as I can for health care and essential workers in our area. As I’ve been these masks over the past couple weeks, I’ve been thinking about my niece and her co-workers and how committed they are to do their job, even at their own risk in extraordinary situations. This is very essence of bravery to me. To me they are heroes. 

Inspired by all this, I dedicate this week’s mini quilt to those on the front line, taking care of others. Heroes come in many forms. Right now, some of my biggest heroes wear a mask. 

Take care everyone and be well!    

Construction Notes

  • The lettering on this quilt was made with glitter iron-on vinyl cut on my Cricut Maker. 

  • I added the vinyl lettering first then quilted the piece so it looks like the text was pre-printed.

  • I used a large stitch (stitch 1:3 on a Viking Opal) to make the black stitched outline on the mask.

Thanks for checking out this Quilt Diaries post! I hope you and your loved ones are well!

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